Wilson House 1858

Restoration Process and Updates of the oldest standing Historical Building in Moline, IL


Wilson House Oldest House in Moline, IL

Wilson House in Moline, IL is located at 604 21st Street and owned by Sean Vogler. The Greek Revival Style building was built in 1858 and still stands strong. The brick house was built by Jonah and Hulda Thomas who sold it shortly after building it. After some ownership changes, James Wilson bought it in 1864. The property is known as the Wilson House as the Wilson family lived there for most of the time. Fence, garage, barn, work house, porches, and so on are some of the extensions performed on the house. The original woodwork, brick, and windows are still good and need restoration. The building is rumored to be connected to the Underground Railroad.

The property is close to Moline downtown and next to the I-74 bridge. Wilson House was used as a stationary store for several years by subsequent buyers. Due to the recent I-74 Bridge project, all the surrounding properties were either demolished or bought by the Iowa and Illinos Department of Transportation. Since Wilson House was a Historical Building, it was left untouched by the bridge work. The previous owners were seeking to sell the Wilson House as it was getting harder to restore and maintain it.

Historial Restoration Moline

Wilson House

Sean Vogler, a Moline resident saw the opportunity to restore and improve the Wilson House to use it as the new office for their rapidly expanding business Olde Town Group. Sean has experience in historical renovations and is working with the Moline Preservation Society, City of Moline, and Rock Island County Preservation to restore the building. The grants are approved for the facade improvement and brick and window restoration. Sean is working actively and hired a Project Manager extensively to monitor the Wilson House restoration.

Moline Preservation Society designates the house as a Historical Building. The building is 159 years old but is still inhabitable after the extensive renovations. You can buy the miniature from the Moline Preservation Society's store in downtown Moline. The members of the Wilson family and the entire local community are eagerly waiting for the tours and restoration updates of the oldest standing building in Moline.

Oldest House Moline Restoration

Wilson House Restoration

Wilson House Barn

Old Barn at the Wilson House

Wilson House Bee Keeper Boxes

Bee Keeper Boxes used by the Wilson family to make the Honey

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Restoration Process Concept to Completion

Historical Renovations for the protected buildings are crucial projects as they involve several layers of grants, approvals, and permits. For the Wilson House, several rejuvenation programs and interior standards are being employed for its rehabilitation. However, to retain its original old look, different modifications are being undertaken.

Here are some plans for the Wilson House restoration.

  •   Gutters: Replacing the current gutters with historic copper gutters appropriate to the original timeframe.
  •   Porch: Rebuilding the historic front porch, including the rehabilitation of the porch roof and historic columns if possible.
  •   Brick: Wilson House is famous for its original brick:
    1. Grinding out all of the current mortar on the building and finding a matching lime putty
    2. Washing off all of the paint using a masonry detergent that will not harm the original brick facade
    3. Tuckpointing all of the brick, only replacing brick that is too damaged to survive.
    4. Brick will NOT be painted, but retain its original look and style
  •   Windows: Removing the historic windows, reglazing, and putting them back in. The window framing will be repaired or rebuilt as necessary.
  •   Roof: Installing historic-looking synthetic slate material to allow for more durability to protect the longevity of the building.
  • The building has been cleared by the structural engineers and is okay for restoration similar to other buildings in downtown Moline. If any of the items are not possible, they will be replicating the historic look with modern materials approved by the City of Moline and the Moline Historic Preservation Commission.

    The plans for the interior restoration and renovation will be released as the work progresses.

    Brick Restoration Wilson House

    During restoration, the crew discovered a tunnel from basement to the middle of the property. It was rumored that the Wilson House was connected to the Underground Railroad and the owners suspect that the tunnel was part of it. Wilson House is very significant to the city’s early residential and commercial history and Olde Town Group wants to rehabilitate it and help showcase its story.

    Work Updates

    Wilson House restoration work has started and is progressing rapidly. The oldest house is undergoing extreme cleanup including cutting the trees and clearing the old barns. Work is being carried out in multiple phases and simultaneously planning is also going on for more updates.

    Wilson House New Addition


    Wilson House will be open for tours shortly and follow their Facebook page for dates and times. Updates are posted continuously to keep the community informed of the daily progress.

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